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3. My name is Mo, for short call me Mohammed :)

Posted by Mohammed Nazari on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, In : All about me 

3. Islamic revolution


The majority of Iranian public being under educated and religious, it was very easy to get them emotional with strong beliefs and ideas.


The main message of the Islamic revolution was in two parts:

1. God, religion, heaven (promise for a good life after death, since the life before death was not that good after all) for the ones who were religious.


2. Oil money for who were rather materialistic.


It worked very well. They got the mass very quick. Quick ...

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What is the Penicillin for the social diseases? "I don't Know"

Posted by Mohammed Nazari on Monday, February 10, 2014, In : Logic First - Emotion Third 
What is the Penicillin for the social diseases? “I don’t know”

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Invention of the Penicillin was a huge step forward in the history of medicine. I believe with only one small change we will have the same huge step forward in our mental health as an individual as well as a society. And it is by saying “I don’t know, when we don’t know, and ask more questions instead of making comments”.

Lack of information in a field allows some to make comments or judgements,...

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You can't take realistic conclusions out of un realistic circumstances

Posted by Mohammed Nazari on Monday, February 10, 2014, In : Logic First - Emotion Third 
You can't take realistic conclusions out of un realistic circumstances

Author: Mohammed Nazari

All beliefs and decisions must be backed up with some sort of reasoning, I recommend the following sequence:
A: Science, If not enough science available or not applicable , then
B: Statistics, If not enough statistic available or not applicable, then
C: Logic and Common sense, which can get tricky
D: Emotions and feelings, to be left for last

The reality is, we do not have the absolute science, knowledge...
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I don't need culture, I'm civilized

Posted by Mohammed Nazari on Monday, February 10, 2014, In : Logic First - Emotion Third 
I don’t need culture, I’m civilized

Author: Mohammed Nazari

In order to clarify, the meaning of "Culture" in this writing is: Acquiring certain behaviors, customs and beliefs that are copied from the past without them being supported by science or by statistics.

As well the meaning of "Civilization" in this writing is: the ability to live within society in harmony, understanding your own rights and respecting other’s, and the fact that the society keeps changing which may require changes ...
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A Personal Journey (Speech)

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Please find the link to the YouTube videos below

Part 1:

                               Part 2:

  •  It is amazing, when you have a big "goal" in mind, most other big "problems" look like small "challenges"       
  • Education in Canada is more practical than in the east which is more theoretical. After all you can find the theory in books or online, without needing to go to school.

Reasons for my failure as an employee:

1. Higher Canadian standards and sensitivity level  

2. My defensive behavior    

  •  Blaming  your behavior or action does not mean blaming you as a person
  • One for all, All for one

3. Inability to be honest with my own feelings  

  • Pride that has no basis, doesn't allow you to be honest.

4.  Canadian are too polite to be honest   

  •  If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything
  • Read between the lines


  •  Knowledge of higher/different Canadian standards and simply following versus questioning them
  •  Longer orientation
  •  Welcoming comments and asking for further explanation versus defending our self
  • Being honest with our feelings and abilities:

o   Acknowledging your weakness is a sign of honesty and makes you stronger.

  • Asking versus commenting:

o   Don't assume, ask question

o   Don't comment, ask question

o   Don't judge, ask question

o   When in doubt, ask question

o   When you think you know, ask questions to clarify

o Comments are not welcome, questions are

·         What kind of question?

1. Open ended and unbiased questions

2. Yes-No questions to clarify

When you have a car problem whom you ask for help? your Doctor, mother or mechanic.

Although this question seems silly, we make this mistake all the time, asking a professional question from people outside of that profession and building opinions.

  • Ask questions from the right person(s). The ones with proven success.


You will learn more from the successful people who can show you how to succeed.

Unsuccessful people can show you how not to fail the way they did.

 While the pathways to success are few, there are multiple pathways to fail.

Which one is easier and more effective to learn?

 Uncle Google and my cousin YouTube can help you with any questions.

Starting my own business

  •  In order to have a good society/business, good structure is more important than good people.
  •  The main sources of work/interpersonal problems are: communication and expectations.
  •  Interpersonal skills are not just talking nicely but much more importantly is to follow a structure and    framework, even if it is not the best structure.
  • Having a poor structure is better than having no structure

I would I would recommend that you ask my uncle and cousin, Google and YouTube, about the following:


  • Active listening
  •  Critical thinking
  • Yes-No question
  • Open ended question
  • how to be honest with oneself


After all My success and happiness depends on your success and happiness.

Let us make life better for all of us.