Are You Civilized or ONLY Modernized

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Are You Civilized or ONLY Modernized?
 Author: Mohammed Nazari

The night before the Grey Cup, the great Canadian football final, I had gone to the Earl's lounge for drinks with some friends. Roughriders, the Regina team had made it to the Grey Cup. In Regina we are a huge fan of our football team. The Lounge was very busy and loud. A lot of young people, dressed in green (the roughriders color), cheering for the riders. As a matter of fact some had travelled from places as far as Vancouver and Toronto to come and cheer for their favorite team.

It happened that I ran into another Immigrant friend of mine, who is a professor at the university. Pointing at the young crowd celebrating the night loudly he made a comment: "look at these stupid people, and what they do". I responded, when it comes to work and as a citizen, the same stupid people that you are pointing at, are a lot more honest, law abiding and respectful than the people in yours and my home country, and that is why you and I as foreign educated individuals wish to be here, and those people never wish to be in our countries.

Civilization is knowing our own and other people's rights and respecting them. The Ability to communicate our opinions and differences in calm, without any physical or emotional force. Resolving differences rationally or otherwise legally. In the end civilization helps a big group of people work and live together "peacefully".

Modernization on the other hand can be "bought" like the latest technologies or "learnt" like learning the latest advancements and skills.
While there is a need for both, Modernization is rather the surface with no depth while civilization is well rooted and the foundation.

Modernization is the most up to date version of "Culture".
Please read my blog "I don't need Culture, I'm Civilized"

Civilization correlates with happiness while Modernization correlates with wealth.          
This is why we see a lot of rich people from third world countries that wish to be here although they may not be able to make as much as in their home countries.

Civilization is internal and learnt inside out, over generations, from the family or society one lives in. For one to become civilized a lot more effort and time is required, while Modernization can be googled or read in a book.

Civilization is "Living" what we learn, like being kind and respectful to our self and others, taking care of our own health and other's, respecting our own rights and other's, while modernization is "Preaching" what we learn and not necessarily "Doing" it, like the doctors who preach health but smoke, or physical therapists and exercise therapists who promote exercise but do not do it themselves and are out of shape. As a physical therapist I am guilty as charged, there are things that I "promote" but don't "do" personally.

Civilization is an "inside out" improvement, e.g. we behave or do something although we may not be able to teach or explain it, while Modernization is an "outside in" improvement, where we can teach and explain it but may not necessarily do it ourselves.

Respecting others because one is respectful is Civilization while respecting others because it is a job duty or culture (like when you go to a high class party or ceremony) is Modernization.

Civilization is a necessity for a genuine happy and healthy life, while Modernization is the accessory. This is why we see the people and societies that are modernized and not civilized, don't have a good life and would like to immigrate to other societies and countries that are more civilized.
Civilization is harder to learn, requiring the environment, time and effort, changing the value system and set of thoughts, it is more of a EQ (emotional intelligence) and being "street smart", while modernization can be learnt easier and needs IQ and being "book smart".

EQ is more acquired through the environment that one lives, with less genetic dependence While IQ has a bigger dependence on genetics and less acquired. This is why we may see well educated professionals with less to no civilization. e.g. well educated and with high IQ individuals who do very uncivilized acts such as Osama Bin Laden, who had an engineering degree from United States, with some IQ but definitely less EQ. The only reason that he could get others to do the job he wanted, was "religion" and false hopes and not a genuine convincing ability like a CEO of a successful company.

A very good case for a modernized with lack of civilization are countries and places where people use the advanced cameras or their smart phones videotaping hanging ceremony or suffering of another man or animal. Finding hanging and suffering of other people or animals as an entertainment is a sign of lack of civilization, while empathy and sympathy is a sign of civilization.
Regardless of how one justifies the death penalty, often it is a very uncivilized and a barbaric way of encouraging order.
Civilized societies and individuals are more sensitive to each other's concern while in less civilized societies people have to shout or use force to make their points.

Using "fear" or "reward" as a means to encourage people to do something is not long lasting. The only way to have a long lasting effect is "education". People will respect the Laws if they agree with the law, and if they understand that having Laws is needed, then they become raving fans and not law breakers. This is why in more civilized countries such as Canada and USA more frequently we have the law abiding individuals taking pride in their current country and not what their country was in previous years. When in disagreement with a part of the law, we voice our opposition in a civilized way, by educating others about our point of view and or using the court system, and not violence.

Civilized countries and individuals often are proud of their "current" state and ashamed of their past wrong doings, while less civilized countries and individuals can't be proud of their current state leaving them with no option but to be proud of their past.

Civilization is abiding by the rules of law not because of the "fear" nor for the hope of "reward" but for the sake of "duty and civil responsibility".

Civilization is ONLY achievable in Democratic countries and not the countries run by Religion, Culture, Dictatorship and so on ....

Very frequently I have seen people who show their modern life style thinking, are civilized and normally reside on "show off". "show off" is not a part of Civilization, nor modernization but a sign of weakness. Note: excitement and passion is different from "Show off"

Following the fashion is modernization while donating that money to less fortunate people (and not the ones who choose to be lazy) helping them enjoy a better life like us, is Civilization.

The sad part is to have a Civilized relationship Both parties must be civilized. While for an uncivilized relationship one side's agreement is more than enough.

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A Personal Journey (Speech)

Author: Mohammed Nazari

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  •  It is amazing, when you have a big "goal" in mind, most other big "problems" look like small "challenges"       
  • Education in Canada is more practical than in the east which is more theoretical. After all you can find the theory in books or online, without needing to go to school.

Reasons for my failure as an employee:

1. Higher Canadian standards and sensitivity level  

2. My defensive behavior    

  •  Blaming  your behavior or action does not mean blaming you as a person
  • One for all, All for one

3. Inability to be honest with my own feelings  

  • Pride that has no basis, doesn't allow you to be honest.

4.  Canadian are too polite to be honest   

  •  If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything
  • Read between the lines


  •  Knowledge of higher/different Canadian standards and simply following versus questioning them
  •  Longer orientation
  •  Welcoming comments and asking for further explanation versus defending our self
  • Being honest with our feelings and abilities:

o   Acknowledging your weakness is a sign of honesty and makes you stronger.

  • Asking versus commenting:

o   Don't assume, ask question

o   Don't comment, ask question

o   Don't judge, ask question

o   When in doubt, ask question

o   When you think you know, ask questions to clarify

o Comments are not welcome, questions are

ยท         What kind of question?

1. Open ended and unbiased questions

2. Yes-No questions to clarify

When you have a car problem whom you ask for help? your Doctor, mother or mechanic.

Although this question seems silly, we make this mistake all the time, asking a professional question from people outside of that profession and building opinions.

  • Ask questions from the right person(s). The ones with proven success.


You will learn more from the successful people who can show you how to succeed.

Unsuccessful people can show you how not to fail the way they did.

 While the pathways to success are few, there are multiple pathways to fail.

Which one is easier and more effective to learn?

 Uncle Google and my cousin YouTube can help you with any questions.

Starting my own business

  •  In order to have a good society/business, good structure is more important than good people.
  •  The main sources of work/interpersonal problems are: communication and expectations.
  •  Interpersonal skills are not just talking nicely but much more importantly is to follow a structure and    framework, even if it is not the best structure.
  • Having a poor structure is better than having no structure

I would I would recommend that you ask my uncle and cousin, Google and YouTube, about the following:


  • Active listening
  •  Critical thinking
  • Yes-No question
  • Open ended question
  • how to be honest with oneself


After all My success and happiness depends on your success and happiness.

Let us make life better for all of us.