Belief, Powerful and dangerous

Author: Mohammed Nazari

I knew this family doctor who had some different ideas. As long as I knew him he had issues with the college of physicians. Issues from  billing, falsifying medical records, prescribing drugs that he shouldn't have and some sexual charges. However all time he stood strong and was not budging.

He thought of himself as being right and that everyone else was wrong. He never questioned himself, never admitted to any wrong doings and consequently never made an attempt to fix his behaviour. As problems deepened he became more religious with stronger beliefs. I think this was how he gained the strength he needed to uphold the pressure of the real world.

Finally, he lost his license as a family physician.

Beliefs are valid to the extent that they are supported by science and/or statistics. In other words there aren't too many solid and unshaken beliefs.

When having a belief, you don't have to question or doubt yourself anymore and the only thing you focus on is "taking action". Definitely things will go faster and stronger since you don't have to spend the time reviewing and auditing your actions or measure the outcome. The problem is that if you are on a wrong track, which will be more frequent than being on a right track, you will keep going on, making more mistakes and never realizing why things fail. Like this doctor who kept going on until he lost his license.

The amazing thing is that often individuals with strong unproven beliefs don't even realize their failure and consider it as a blessing in disguise (mythical and imaginary success)

Belief is powerful, regardless of believing in reality or myths and imagination. The problem is believing in myths and imagination, only results in mythical and imaginary success.