Do you believe in words or action

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Sometime ago I had a client who came to see me for his lower back pain. I am a physical therapist by profession. After my assessment I explained my findings and my suggested treatment.

Previous to him starting treatment with me he had seen a specialist who had referred him for MRI.

My diagnosis was that he had some mechanical problems. Although he had some degeneration, it did not seem to be any worse than normal for his age plus his symptoms seemed to be originated from a mechanical issue and not his normal degeneration.

After a few treatments where he was improving fairly good, he saw his specialist for a follow up and to discuss the MRI results. The specialist told him that his back problem was mainly due to his lower back degeneration and that it was not fixable.

At this point when he came back to me for his follow up visit, he shared with me what the specialist had told him seeing the MRI result.

Although he was improving fairly reasonably and the fact that I explained that there is some False positive and False negative results when it comes to MRI, after his visit with the specialist he was convinced that his lower back was not going to improve.

At this point I asked him, Do you believe in words or Action?

The reality is "what is happening" and not "what is supposed to be happening"

The reality is that you are improving, less pain and more movement and strength, however based on the MRI report you are not supposed to be improving:) Which one do you believe in!

Another example is when people talk nice but no action.

As a matter of fact most people and societies who do create and live in a fantasy world where they believe in words more than actions and reality, end up having not so happy lives. Since in order to stay happy they should stay in their fantasy world, which will push them away from the reality that everyone else is living in. Good market for pot sellers though:)

Although messages of false hope might be calming in a short run, but in a long run puts people in hallucination and far from reality. This is very dangerous.

Another one is Religion. Almost all religions promote peace, Love and helping one another but the reality is that most serious crimes are done in the name of religion, and not as much due to greed for money or power. Religious wars tend to become the bloodiest and goes on for generations while economic wars go on for short spurts. Such as world war one and two, they were bloody at the time but finished in short years without being carried as hate for generations between the nations. Versus Religious and ideological wars such as Israel and Palestine, Where the war and the hate is carried on forever. Although some may say it is war for land, I strongly disagree. If both sides had the same religion or no religion at all, this would not have lasted this long and it would become like united Europe.