Life without afterlife and the China Tea Pot Theory

Author: Mohammed Nazari


Some time ago I was talking to a friend of mine who is rather spiritual. When talking about the existence versus no existence of afterlife (heaven and hell), she said there must be an afterlife otherwise what is the purpose of all this. Even to fathom the idea of no afterlife sounded scary and made her whole life meaningless to her.

Then I asked her the following question:
What would happen if tomorrow all people on earth decide to stop doing bad things and all be good? Stop eating unhealthy food such as fast food, drink less or no alcohol, stop smoking, not steal or commit fraud, do no crimes, and so on.

I believe we all agree that the above mentioned changes would be very good. However if all of the above changes happened at once, it would cause chaos. It would be a huge shock to the whole system. A lot of people working in the fast food industry would lose their jobs, hospitals would have less sick people with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, cancer. As a result pharmaceutical companies would take a big hit. All other healthcare industries would be affected. There would be less work for the police, judicial and prison systems. Liquor stores and tobacco companies would go bankrupt, and so on. We would enter into a financial crisis and more.

The reality is that although all these changes are great, when applied all at once it would cause a temporary hit on the system until things got re adjusted and work fine again.

Now, imagine if suddenly we question the existence of the afterlife?

We were born and raised and told that life has a purpose and is somehow connected to the afterlife.  Afterlife is intertwined in all our value systems and the reasoning and purpose we do things. Now believing in no afterlife would be a shock to our system. The same way as the example above, if all people change and start doing good all at once.

The question is:
Do you want to make the same mistakes for the sake of "Current Peace", or dare to come back to reality for the sake of "Better Tomorrow"?

Regardless of how we feel and what we imagine "reality will remain the same". While I am not denying the existence of the afterlife, I have no proof for its existence. The same way that I have no proof denying the existence of the China Tea Pot flying somewhere in space, the same as I have no evidence of it being out there, "China Tea Pot theory". However I choose to believe in "reality" to the extent that I know it, no more no less, and not "imagining" something because that makes me feel better, for the moment.
Please watch this short video
Bertrand Russell's Teapot: The Skeptic's View on the Supernatural

The funny thing is that different religions, their sects, and even each individual has a different belief  to what afterlife is. In other words everyone can make up their own afterlife and start believing in it.

Do you have an imaginary afterlife:)

Belief is powerful, regardless of believing in reality or myths and imagination. The problem is believing in myths and imagination, only results in mythical and imaginary success.