Mission statement:

 Author: Mohammed Nazari

Creating a frame of thought through critical thinking  

When educated in a field you can judge the performance in that field, eg an educated carpenter can judge a work of carpentry on the wooden chair.

While we might be educated in a few fields, we lack the education in thousands of other fields. Then what shall we do?

I believe through critical thinking we can be more practical and less emotional in any decision making, mainly when we don't have the related education and the expertise.

When not educated in a field:
Don't judge the process, Judge the end result
Don't comment on how it should be done, comment on the delivered outcome.
Does the wooden chair deliver what you wanted!

When judging the outcome is hard:
Don't have an opinion nor comment, ask questions.
Does the wooden chair have the quality to last!

Critical thinking decreases the differences and increases the harmony, Difference of opinion between the educated carpenters is less than the difference of opinion among not educated, acting as carpenters:)

There are no two ways of doing one thing that are the same, one is better than the other, ONLY IF we had the information and the knowledge in the field.