Scientific vs Religious Pyramid

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Scientific advancement is like a pyramid, as we get more advanced, we have less differences.

Imagine different unskilled people, trying to build one exact specific wooden chair.
Unskilled individuals will have a variety of opinions on what type of wood or screws to use, what part to be cut first, and so on. The difference in opinion is simply due to lack of knowledge, eg there are different wood and screws.

Now if you ask different professional carpenters to build that exact same wooden chair, they will have a lot less differences, simply because they know more about what type of wood or screw to use, or what part to cut first.

Conclusion: scientific advancement narrows down the differences.

This rule applies to all scientific circumstances, no exception.

Religious advancement on the other hand is like a upside down pyramid. As we get more advanced we have more differences.

Islam, it all started as one religion, one God, one prophet. However as the religious leaders got more advanced in their idea, they developed more differences. And now we have multiple different versions and increasingly  different interpretations of Islam. eg Taliban or ISIS version to rather moderated or liberal Muslims. No one approving of the other and at times killing each other.
Christianity, Judaism or any other religion are no different.

While we have radical, moderate and liberal religious beliefs, there is no such a thing as radical, moderate or liberal scientific beliefs. .

Conclusion: religious advancement increases the differences.

When using factual reasoning we can "practically" prove the superiority of one method over the other without hurting one another's identity, while when no "practical" proof is required or applicable, superiority of one method to the other is based on a non factual belief and interpretations.

End result:

More scientific and less religious advancement concludes in harmony, while

Less scientific and more religious advancement concludes in chaos, and history is there to prove it.

While variety in food, music and art is great, variety in value system is dangerous.

PS. All successful businesses, countries, organizations and so on, develop and follow one proven structure and value system.