What if there was no heaven or hell!

Posted by Mohammed Nazari on Thursday, October 30, 2014 Under: Logic First - Emotion Third

What if there was no heaven or hell!

Author: Mohammed Nazari

 At age 25 I left Iran for Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates). By far this was the most relieving moment of my life. For the first time in my life I had the financial independence, hope for a better future and most of all "freedom".

When I entered Dubai's airport for the first time, the first thing that caught my eye was a very beautiful lady in a mini skirt.  I gazed at her,  seconds later I realized that my jaw was literally dropping and I was drooling. I was wondering why she kept looking back at me with a big smile:)

In Islamic countries, Friday is the holiday, like Sunday is in Christian countries.  One day almost a year after leaving Iran, a Friday morning I was walking somewhere close to the "Clock Tower" in Dubai, I imagined a life with no heaven or hell, contrary to how I was raised, I felt such a "relief". 

I had previously thought that if there was no heaven or hell I would do all the bad things. I thought I would lie, cheat, steal, bully, have sex with women who were not my wife (taboo in Islam), drink alcohol and so on.

But shortly after I realized that I was becoming more conscious of others and my environment. I respected others more, and began to value honesty. I became a better person, citizen and friend because I realized one simple fact: to get what you want such as respect, love, happiness, wealth, independence and so on, you need to surround yourself with people who believe in the same principles as well I need to give the same back, "Karma".

People will do what they want to do, and life will go on one way or another. The difference is:

 When we believe in the other world, we may not feel the need to improve the current world as much.

Maybe that is why some "Secular societies have a better world", while "the religious societies hope for a better other world".

 One very good example is when asked: prisoners, are getting executed without proper investigation, Mr. Khalkhali, a clergy man and an influential member of the Islamic government replied: well if it happens that they are executed for wrong reasons, they will end up in Heaven anyway, and did not feel any need or urgency for any improvement. The sadder part is that due to the religious beliefs some of the public believed the same.

 Often my mom encouraged me to forgive other's unfair treatment towards me, saying: God will punish them, instead of "helping me understand what the fair thing is" and that if the other party had violated my rights to stand up, "helping the other party understand of their wrong doing" instead of simply forgiving them. I believe this is one reason why religious countries and societies don't improve as much, They forgive instead of fix things.

 I do not believe in forgiveness as much as I believe in understanding, or not having an opinion when I don't know enough 

 Please read my blog: "You don't have to tolerate people when you understand them".


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A Personal Journey (Speech)

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Please find the link to the YouTube videos below

Part 1:

                               Part 2:

  •  It is amazing, when you have a big "goal" in mind, most other big "problems" look like small "challenges"       
  • Education in Canada is more practical than in the east which is more theoretical. After all you can find the theory in books or online, without needing to go to school.

Reasons for my failure as an employee:

1. Higher Canadian standards and sensitivity level  

2. My defensive behavior    

  •  Blaming  your behavior or action does not mean blaming you as a person
  • One for all, All for one

3. Inability to be honest with my own feelings  

  • Pride that has no basis, doesn't allow you to be honest.

4.  Canadian are too polite to be honest   

  •  If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything
  • Read between the lines


  •  Knowledge of higher/different Canadian standards and simply following versus questioning them
  •  Longer orientation
  •  Welcoming comments and asking for further explanation versus defending our self
  • Being honest with our feelings and abilities:

o   Acknowledging your weakness is a sign of honesty and makes you stronger.

  • Asking versus commenting:

o   Don't assume, ask question

o   Don't comment, ask question

o   Don't judge, ask question

o   When in doubt, ask question

o   When you think you know, ask questions to clarify

o Comments are not welcome, questions are

ยท         What kind of question?

1. Open ended and unbiased questions

2. Yes-No questions to clarify

When you have a car problem whom you ask for help? your Doctor, mother or mechanic.

Although this question seems silly, we make this mistake all the time, asking a professional question from people outside of that profession and building opinions.

  • Ask questions from the right person(s). The ones with proven success.


You will learn more from the successful people who can show you how to succeed.

Unsuccessful people can show you how not to fail the way they did.

 While the pathways to success are few, there are multiple pathways to fail.

Which one is easier and more effective to learn?

 Uncle Google and my cousin YouTube can help you with any questions.

Starting my own business

  •  In order to have a good society/business, good structure is more important than good people.
  •  The main sources of work/interpersonal problems are: communication and expectations.
  •  Interpersonal skills are not just talking nicely but much more importantly is to follow a structure and    framework, even if it is not the best structure.
  • Having a poor structure is better than having no structure

I would I would recommend that you ask my uncle and cousin, Google and YouTube, about the following:


  • Active listening
  •  Critical thinking
  • Yes-No question
  • Open ended question
  • how to be honest with oneself


After all My success and happiness depends on your success and happiness.

Let us make life better for all of us.