You're Einstein, so what, I'm from Tehran:)

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Most Iranian are very proud people. We take pride in everything. From what we wear, model of car we drive, the old Iranian history in which we had no influence in and so on. Since we take pride in almost every small thing, it becomes our identity, to that extent if you say you don't like the color of the shirt we wear or the type of car we drive, can be offensive to some of us.

Very frequently we take pride of the city we were born in, and consider other cities of lower class.

The behaviour of "Taking pride in everything" results in people thinking of the "differences" more than the "similarities".

These feeling are so strong that at times some refuse to associate with people from other cities. Simply you get tagged by where you are from (your history), rather than what you have done (your actions). Focusing on the differences rather than the similarities. Putting others down so that they feel better/higher.

Iran is a country of multiple races, cultures, religions and languages. More than 16 million live in Tehran, the capital city. Some people who live in Tehran disrespect and put down the people from any other city. Exactly the same behaviour that Gaddafi, the dead Libyan leader had. He called himself King of Africa and called other African leaders as Slaves. In general one is not valued for their own achievements but for factors that are out of his/her control, e.g. the city they were born, their family history and so on.

Some Iranians from other cities do the same in their own way, by making fun of people from Tehran, or any other smaller cities.

As a country in general, some disrespect the neighbouring countries, their language and culture and generally follow one rule from the stone age: "If you do things differently than me, you are inferior to me." Although, regardless of race, culture or country this behavior is normally seen in individuals whom are not well informed about the rest of the world or alternative ways of living, when one actively tries to be proud of their own, the behavior gets to be more exaggerated.

Pride is good, ONLY IF it is "Inside Out"

Inside Out Pride: You take pride in your own achievements and not the matters outside your control such as achievements of your parents or country. Inside out pride results in Confidence.

Outside In Pride: Is when one takes pride in something that he/she has had no or minimal influence in. E.g. city or country one is born in, or the achievements of that country. Outside in pride results in being cocky.

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