Exercise Therapy
Nissa Hove
Exercise Therapy Services and Exercise Therapy Benefits:

    • Anthropomorphic measurements
    • Health & exercise history
    • Range-of-motion evaluation
    • Postural and muscle balance evaluation
    • Core control evaluation
    • Aerobic capacity (submax)
    • Muscle strength and muscular endurance test
Exercise Therapy Services

At our exercise therapy clinic in Regina "Alpha Physical Rehabilitation & Health Center". A CSEP -CEP (Certified Exercise Physiologist) prescribes conditioning exercise, performs assessments, as well as exercise supervision counseling and healthy lifestyle education in apparent healthy individuals and/or populations with functional limitations or disabilities, medical conditions, associated with cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neuromuscular, and aging conditions". To attain the CEP status, each exercise therapy expert  must have completed a four year degree in Kinesiology and obtain post graduate work related experience/course work at a exercise therapy clinic in Regina.

Exercise therapist prescribes treatment of clinical and non-clinical exercise therapy treatment based on the knowledge of 
bio-mechanics  physiology, anatomy, pathology, kinesiology, and behavioral sciences.  Exercise therapy services are prescribed with respect to the specific needs of the patient and is based upon a referral from a licensed Physical Therapist. Our healthcare professional is to help achieve and maintain the energy and vigor to withstand life’s daily challenges and develop lifestyle management skills. Exercise therapy treatment is supervised through the course of a patient’s treatment by a exercise therapy specialist, from intake to discharge. Our exercise therapy specialist goal is to return the patient to their normal function and movement through our exercise therapy in Regina.

Non-clinical exercise is appropriate for most clients and patients.  Each exercise therapy expert creates programs that are based upon the assessed need of the individual as well as their personal goals.  Strength, endurance, flexibility and motor control are progressed towards required function.

In both non clinical clinical exercise an Exercise Therapy specialist can provide accountability and education for healthy lifestyle changes and maintenance.

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