Mission Statement

April 9, 2015

Mission statement:

 Author: Mohammed Nazari

Creating a frame of thought through critical thinking  

When educated in a field you can judge the performance in that field, eg an educated carpenter can judge a work of carpentry on the wooden chair.

While we might be educated in a few fields, we lack the education in thousands of other fields. Then what shall we do?

I believe through critical thinking we can be more practical and less emotional in any decision making, mainly when we don't have the related education and the expertise.

When not educated in a field:
Don't judge the process, Judge the end result
Don't comment on how it should be done, comment on the delivered outcome.
Does the wooden chair deliver what you wanted!

When judging the outcome is hard:
Don't have an opinion nor comment, ask questions.
Does the wooden chair have the quality to last!

Critical thinking decreases the differences and increases the harmony, Difference of opinion between the educated carpenters is less than the difference of opinion among not educated, acting as carpenters:)

There are no two ways of doing one thing that are the same, one is better than the other, ONLY IF we had the information and the knowledge in the field.


Dangers of theory without practice

April 7, 2015
Dangers of theory without practice
Author: Mohammed Nazari

When in 12th grade, there was a 30 page chapter on pine tree life cycle.

On the way from our house to my high school there were almost 1000 pine trees and fallen pine cones all over. In local language the pine cones were called "ghouz kalghak". As kids we throw these pine cone at each other.

Two years after i had finished the high school and in the second year at the university, it happened that someone told me that pine cone was t...
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Life without afterlife and the China Tea Pot Theory

January 27, 2015

Life without afterlife and the China Tea Pot Theory

Author: Mohammed Nazari


Some time ago I was talking to a friend of mine who is rather spiritual. When talking about the existence versus no existence of afterlife (heaven and hell), she said there must be an afterlife otherwise what is the purpose of all this. Even to fathom the idea of no afterlife sounded scary and made her whole life meaningless to her.

Then I asked her the following question:
What would happen if tomorrow all peo...

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Belief, Powerful and dangerous

January 27, 2015

Belief, Powerful and dangerous

Author: Mohammed Nazari

I knew this family doctor who had some different ideas. As long as I knew him he had issues with the college of physicians. Issues from  billing, falsifying medical records, prescribing drugs that he shouldn't have and some sexual charges. However all time he stood strong and was not budging.

He thought of himself as being right and that everyone else was wrong. He never questioned himself, never admitted to any wrong doings and cons...

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We don't need heroes, we need team players

January 5, 2015

We don't need heroes, We need team players

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Born and raised in Iran, I played Soccer as a child. Well "soccer" is the real football, foot - ball, daaaa. I love the game. Should I have been born in Canada I would have been playing the American football definitely.

World cup is the only sport event that I watch, mainly the final games.  Lionel Messe is known to be one of if not the best soccer player. He is a hero.

Watching the finals of 2014 world cup was very interes...

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Scientific vs Religious Pyramid

January 5, 2015

Scientific vs Religious Pyramid

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Scientific advancement is like a pyramid, as we get more advanced, we have less differences.

Imagine different unskilled people, trying to build one exact specific wooden chair.
Unskilled individuals will have a variety of opinions on what type of wood or screws to use, what part to be cut first, and so on. The difference in opinion is simply due to lack of knowledge, eg there are different wood and screws.

Now if you ask diff...
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What is your motivator?

December 29, 2014
What is your motivator?

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Brought up into a relatively religious Muslim family, I was taught to believe in God watching my every move. This was how my parents made sure I didn't do anything wrong when nobody was watching.

Any wrong doing, no matter how small, would be punished by going to hell, burning alive for eternity and suffering every single moment. On the other hand every good act would be rewarded by going to heaven, where the reward would be enjoying wine, rivers o...
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What if there was no heaven or hell!

October 30, 2014

What if there was no heaven or hell!

Author: Mohammed Nazari

 At age 25 I left Iran for Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates). By far this was the most relieving moment of my life. For the first time in my life I had the financial independence, hope for a better future and most of all "freedom".

When I entered Dubai's airport for the first time, the first thing that caught my eye was a very beautiful lady in a mini skirt.  I gazed at her,  seconds later I realized that my jaw was literally dro...

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You're Einstein, so what, I'm from Tehran

October 15, 2014
You're Einstein, so what, I'm from Tehran:)

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Most Iranian are very proud people. We take pride in everything. From what we wear, model of car we drive, the old Iranian history in which we had no influence in and so on. Since we take pride in almost every small thing, it becomes our identity, to that extent if you say you don't like the color of the shirt we wear or the type of car we drive, can be offensive to some of us.

Very frequently we take pride of the city we were...
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Don't hate the lion, kill the lion

October 6, 2014
Don't hate the lion, kill the lion.

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Sometime ago I met this lady whose 5 year old daughter was abducted, tortured, probably sexually assulted and killed. To this date, several years later, the mother kept a huge hate towards the predator who was caught and put in jail for good.

I asked her how she would feel if a lion would have attacked her daughter and killed her. Would she hate the lion? We know that it is the nature of the lion to attack, when hungry or threaten...

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A Personal Journey (Speech)

Author: Mohammed Nazari

Please find the link to the YouTube videos below

Part 1:

                               Part 2:

  •  It is amazing, when you have a big "goal" in mind, most other big "problems" look like small "challenges"       
  • Education in Canada is more practical than in the east which is more theoretical. After all you can find the theory in books or online, without needing to go to school.

Reasons for my failure as an employee:

1. Higher Canadian standards and sensitivity level  

2. My defensive behavior    

  •  Blaming  your behavior or action does not mean blaming you as a person
  • One for all, All for one

3. Inability to be honest with my own feelings  

  • Pride that has no basis, doesn't allow you to be honest.

4.  Canadian are too polite to be honest   

  •  If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything
  • Read between the lines


  •  Knowledge of higher/different Canadian standards and simply following versus questioning them
  •  Longer orientation
  •  Welcoming comments and asking for further explanation versus defending our self
  • Being honest with our feelings and abilities:

o   Acknowledging your weakness is a sign of honesty and makes you stronger.

  • Asking versus commenting:

o   Don't assume, ask question

o   Don't comment, ask question

o   Don't judge, ask question

o   When in doubt, ask question

o   When you think you know, ask questions to clarify

o Comments are not welcome, questions are

·         What kind of question?

1. Open ended and unbiased questions

2. Yes-No questions to clarify

When you have a car problem whom you ask for help? your Doctor, mother or mechanic.

Although this question seems silly, we make this mistake all the time, asking a professional question from people outside of that profession and building opinions.

  • Ask questions from the right person(s). The ones with proven success.


You will learn more from the successful people who can show you how to succeed.

Unsuccessful people can show you how not to fail the way they did.

 While the pathways to success are few, there are multiple pathways to fail.

Which one is easier and more effective to learn?

 Uncle Google and my cousin YouTube can help you with any questions.

Starting my own business

  •  In order to have a good society/business, good structure is more important than good people.
  •  The main sources of work/interpersonal problems are: communication and expectations.
  •  Interpersonal skills are not just talking nicely but much more importantly is to follow a structure and    framework, even if it is not the best structure.
  • Having a poor structure is better than having no structure

I would I would recommend that you ask my uncle and cousin, Google and YouTube, about the following:


  • Active listening
  •  Critical thinking
  • Yes-No question
  • Open ended question
  • how to be honest with oneself


After all My success and happiness depends on your success and happiness.

Let us make life better for all of us.