At Alpha Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center
we provide individualized Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy services that begin with your goals in mind. After your initial assessment, we work with you to create a treatment plan that supports your objectives in rehabilitation and recovery.

Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

Our Physical Therapy specialist will assess and analyze the disability, injury and inactivity to develop a specific treatment plan based on the assessment and each individuals goals.

Sports medicine is a type of medicine that deals with physical fitness, prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.  Our rehab expert at our physical therapy rehabilitation in Regina "Alpha Physical Rehabilitation" can help you on the road to a life without pain.  The physical therapy expert can get to the root of the pain that provides results for the injuries that could easily turn into chronic pain (if not treated correctly).  At our Physical Therapy Clinic our rehab specialist in Regina can get you back to your lifestyle by reducing the time between injury and activity.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy rehab specialist decreases pain, muscle spasm, muscle soreness and improves general mobility with manual manipulation of soft tissue (muscles and tendons) It also will increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, improving excretion of waste from the muscle tissue.

Massage works well in conjunction with other types of treatment like Physiotherapy and Acupuncture which has a significant effect on the natural healing process of the body.

Exercise Therapy 

“Exercise Therapy rehab specialist have to be a certified CEP with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.” - CSEP with a minimum 4- Year University degree in exercise science or a related area.

 “A CSEP-CEP performs assessments, as well as exercise supervision, counselling, healthy lifestyle education in apparently healthy individuals with medical conditions, prescribes conditioning exercise, functional limitations or disabilities associated with musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, metabolic, neuromuscular, and ageing conditions”.

Free Foot Assessment 

Come in for a free foot assessment at our physical therapy rehabilitation in Regina and get fitted with the perfect ergonomic shoes and soles for your feet today. 

Performed by our Physical Therapy expert in Regina: Mohammed Nazari, Physiotherapist B.Sc PT MCPA.

Joint Pain

Alpha Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center can help you to achieve a pain free life.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common ailment and has to undergo significant wear and tear whether it is due to arthritis, a fracture, or a strain. Our physical therapy specialist or rehab specialist can equip you with knowledge and exercises to help you become pain free.

 Neck Pain

Our Physical therapy expert in Regina will work with you to relieve your neck pain which can vary from being mild to severe. The Rehab specialist can help you overcome stiffness and restore your mobility whether treatment is from our Physical Therapy specialist, Massage Therapist or Acupuncturist. If it needs to be investigated further we will ensure your doctor is advised.

 Knee Pain

Don't let that consistent dull or sharp pain go untreated, injuries and pain both chronic and acute responds to our Physical therapy exceptionally well.

 Elbow Pain

There can be many common causes for elbow pain which is extremely common, pain should not last for months or even days. In order for recovery it is crucial to get a physical therapy specialist or rehab specialist assess and treat at our Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center.

 Back Pain

All it takes is one sudden movement to result in low back pain which can occur as a result of poor conditioning and overuse which can stop you from everyday activities. Many causes can occur from stress and/or age. The Physical therapy specialist or rehab specialist can teach you in what you can do to strengthen your back to resist injury.

 Shoulder pain/frozen shoulder

If you do not know a specific treatment or are unsure about the cause of your shoulder pain, please consult our physical therapy specialist or rehab specialist. We can help eliminate the shoulder pain you feel and get you back the strength and mobility you need.

Common Symptoms
Tight Muscles and Muscle Cramps

Tight muscles and muscle cramps sometimes called a "Charley Horse" can prevent you from your daily activities. A muscle cramp can be very painful and is an involuntarily and sudden contraction of your muscle. With education from a physical therapy specialist or rehab specialist, we can help alleviate these symptoms and get you back in motion.

Muscle Cramps  - Numbness

Numbness usually arises from a lack of blood supply or nerve damage to an area. Numbness or tingling can occur in your body and is often a result of impingement, inflammation, trauma, or infection. Our physical therapy rehabilitation center can help you identify the reason for the symptom and then customize a treatment approach for you whether it is from a physical therapy specialist or rehab specialist.

Headache is a pain behind the head, in the head above the eyes or the ears, or in the back of the upper neck. Many things cause headaches, getting an assessment with our Physical therapy Expert is an effective first-step towards long-term relief.


Dizziness is commonly used to describe light headedness, unsteadiness and vertigo. It's not just in your head. Work with our Physical Therapy expert or rehab specialist at our Physical therapy rehabilitation center as we can get you on a straight path to rehabilitation.

Specific Conditions
Carpal Tunnel

Some signs of Carpal tunnel syndrome are feeling numbness, trouble gripping items or feeling pins and needles which occur when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of hand, becomes squeezed or pressed at the wrist. The pain you feel can be temporary if you let one of our Physical Therapy expert or rehab expert show you how to treat it.
Jaw Problems / TMJ

The temporomandibular (jaw) joints are complex structures made up of tendons, bones and muscles. Some symptoms are clicking in the jaw, pain while eating or talking. Let our Physical Therapy specialist or rehab expert at our physical therapy rehabilitation in Regina diagnose the source of your pain and get you the relief you seek.

Tendonitis is usually started by a new activity or activity that is making the tendon to become irritated caused because of an overuse injury as we get older, our tendons weaken but our activities, for the most part, remain just as strenuous. Our Physical therapy expert or rehab expert can guide you in the right direction.

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